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  • Sungkyunkwan University School of Art and graduated from high school in Busan
  • 1993 organized by Japan Association of Asia Pacific Earth Ballet Ballet Competition Senior Gold
  • Diploma Bulgaria Varna International Ballet Competition in 1994
  • Dong-A Dance Competition Gold Medal 1994
  • Statue of the International Ballet Competition in Moscow in 1997
  • Paris International Ballet Competition in 1998 duet gold sector
  • Distinguished Order of Culture in 1999 Tue director
  • 1999 served as the National Ballet principal
  • Ballet of the National Opera of Paris in 1999 working as a soloist section 中 permanent resignation (2009)
  • Korea Ballet Association sur-knob per 2002 reusang
  • 2007 Rookie of Korea ballet narrow
  • Department) Korea National University of Arts, Professor, Seoul Arts Center Advisory Board