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M-note Contemporary Dance Company <Reaction>

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작성자 최고관리자 (115.♡.56.14) 작성일14-05-09 16:40 조회562회 댓글0건


▶Choreographer : Sin Sungmin



-Choreographer and Performer of ‘Half Time’, 8th BIDF Art Korea 21Performance for Development of International Choreographer

-Choreographer and Performer of ‘Looking’, 22th Busan Dance Festival

-Choreographer and Performer of ‘Looking’, 22th Korea Dance Festival



Ever since its foundation in 2004, the M-Note Contemporary Dance Company has been having an annual subscription performance, the Joint-group performance as well as the project performances that are portraying the spectrum of contemporary ideas and the aspiration of open mindset. The ‘M’ is derived from ‘Movement’ and ‘Meditation’, and ‘Note’ means written things of what the Company values and considers. .



Reaction means an action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event. The choreographic intent is a realization of recorded reactions in response to the sound and contextual gestures.


▶Music: DJ. Kim pro

▶Cast: Sin Sungmin, Kim Choseul, Kim Dongsuk, Lee Yongjin, Kim Yeongtak


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