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Lee Tae Sang Dance Project <Swan Song>

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▶Choreographer : Lee Taesang
-Artistic Director and Choreographer, Lee Taesang Dance Project
-Assistant Professor, Department of Dance, School of Arts, Silla University
-AK 21 International Choreographer Grand Prize in Competition, 7thBIDF
-Music and Performance Award in Competition, 31th Seoul Dance Festival
The Lee Tae Sang Dance Project is a project-basis group of dancers who united around Lee Tae sang. The members of group are active in different fields. The goals of company are opening new arena of contemporary dance, promulgating Korean dance to the world, and popularization of dance performance. Choreographer Lee Tae Sang produces works with beauty of simplicity, sophistication, and the narratives.
Never to-be-forgotten.
sexual crime against Children which is suddenly happened like a car-accident.
Legend says that the Swans mute during the rest of their lives, but sing beautifully just before they die. The children victims of sexual crime are overlapped with singing swans before death.
▶Music: Moon Sookyung
▶Cast: Moon Sookyung, Han Jieun


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