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ART COMMUNITY CENTER - RAON <‘Mugunghwa’-Korean National Flower>…

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▶Choreographer : Kang Yongki
-Executive Director, Art Community Center Raon (Present)
-Dancer, AlleRetour, France (Former)
-Performer, Germany (Sacrifice) Dance Company
-Co-choreographer, Jung Hee Jin Company for Europe (Sacrifice; Germany, France, Switzerland) Project
▶Company: Art Community Center Raon (Raon Dance Company) was founded for the harmonization of private-public-academic arenas, and development of creative, cultural and artistic contents. At the same time, Raon attempts to convert these contents into relevant enterprises for professional performing artists, creating new job opportunities as well as life-enhancing.
▶Performance: The aesthetic sense is based on human sentiments like impression, empathy, and resonance. Likewise, sense of beauty comes from human or living things’ empathy for themselves. Presumably, the empathy between nature and things or between one human being and another human being would the reflection of human impression, empathy, and resonance to the certain object. The resonance, impression and empathy on historical facts will clearly illuminate the truth.
▶Music: Choi Sori-a song of lamentation / Capriccio in a minor, op. 1, 24 /
Jo Yeonguk-Cute Vampire
▶Cast: Kang Yongki, Song Kyungchan, Kim Bunseon, Nam Deawoo,
       Nam Sukhyun, Lim Hyunjun, Kim Kyungyoung


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