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Company J <Simplicity and Complexity>

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작성자 최고관리자 (115.♡.56.14) 작성일14-05-09 16:37 조회756회 댓글0건


▶Choreographer : Jeong Hyunjin
-Artistic Director and Choreographer, Company J (Present)
-Dancer, Trisha Brown Dance Company (2004-2010)
-Best Dancer Award, Dance Vision 2014
It was formed by Jung Hyun Jin who was a member of Trisha Brown Dance Company. The Company J seeks for the most fundamental and essential gestures, and focuses on composition of dance work. The works that are being produced in this year are mixture of the Tradition (classical music) and the Present (dance). Gestures of dancer would be seen more natural by overlapping and repeating motions and gestures that looks easy to do.
Extreme a complexity is simplicity while extreme simplicity is complexity. This process is quite paradoxical because complexity within complicated idea becomes simple, and simplicity within simple idea becomes complicated. Simplicity without complexity is loose, but it can be tight with complexity
▶Music: Lee Jongmin
▶Cast: Jeong Hyunjin, Kim Jungsoo, Kim Jihye, Park Jiwun,
       Sohn Junghyun, Shin Hyejin, Lee Seiseung, Lee Jesung


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