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Kim Hwa-Rye & Balletnova <Nonsense>

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작성자 최고관리자 (115.♡.56.14) 작성일14-04-30 14:14 조회616회 댓글0건


▶Choreographer : Kim Hwarye
- Executive Director, Ballet Nova
- Standing Director, Korea Ballet Association
- Advisor, The Society of Korean Ballet
- Vice-Chairman, Dance Culture Forum
- Laureate, Order of Culture Merit in 2013, Korea
Ballet nova always tries to signpost the way in which Korean ballet has to go for being popularized. Also, Ballet Nova never stops to make creative works and performances, so that it can come closer to the public.
At Convent, 52 Sisters fell asleep in Jesus after mass food poisoning. Not-so-funny things happened while surviving Sister prepare charity event for funeral expenses.
▶Music Adios Nonino, OST of Nunsense The Jamboree
▶CAST Lee Eunsun, Kim Eunmee, Seo Jihi, Cho Yongshin, Won Jooyeon,
       Kim Joohee, Yun Seojin, Lee Geunhye, Moon Heejung, Hwang Dami


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