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Baik Young Tae Ballet Ryubov <CAHOS of Shadow>

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작성자 최고관리자 (115.♡.56.14) 작성일14-04-30 14:10 조회1,437회 댓글0건


▶Choreographer: Baek Youngtae
-Chairman, Korea Professional Ballet Association (Present)
-Artistic Director, Baek Young Tae Ballet Ballet Lyubov
-Vice-Chairman, Korea Ballet Association
-Professor, Department of Dance, Kangwon National University
Baek Young Tae Ballet Ryubov always looks for the unique and distinguishable works that ballet collaborates with other genres such as classical music, literatures and even an animation. Especially, the Company puts a great effort to interact with people who are culturally marginalized through more active communication with audiences and strolling performance services.
Foggy and wetting misty rain sweeps here and there
I am teetering on the darkness
From the end of darkness, another being seduce me
I am just dancing to seek starting point of my life through that darkness
And again another darkness that comes from darkness itself
What am I seeing in the midst of chaos?
What am I looking for in my life?
▶CAST : Kim Hyunjin, Kwon Junheon, Kim Dongcheol, Sin Seungjun,
         Lee Giheang, Gong Yumin, Kim Jiyun, Yun Ohseong,
         Heo Jaeseon, Kim Doyoung, Kim Jihee, Choi Chanim


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