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[6] Ambiguous Dance Company <Rhythm of human> 인기글첨부파일
작성자 : 최고관리자 | 작성일 : 2014-04-30 | 조회수 : 665
▶Choreographer : Kim Boram ▶Choreographer -Jury Award, Yokohama Dance Collection Ex Touch Point Art Foundation Prize 2014 (Budapest Festival invited performance) - Co-existence: Audience Award , Spain Masdanza in October, 2012 - Co-existence: Best Award SPAF Seoul Dance Collection 2010 - Body Concept…
[5] KOREA Dance theater Red-Step <Shout> 인기글첨부파일
작성자 : 최고관리자 | 작성일 : 2014-04-30 | 조회수 : 643
▶Choreographer : Huh Kyungmi ▶Choreographer -Artistic Director &amp; Choreographer, Chum-Phae Red-Step (Present) -Visiting Professor, Kyungsung University (Present) -Senior dancer, Busan Metropolitan Dance Company -Major works: Subway, Gongmudohaga, Tears, Flower I, Flower II, Step, Story of Four W…
[4] Kim Hwa-Rye & Balletnova <Nonsense> 인기글첨부파일
작성자 : 최고관리자 | 작성일 : 2014-04-30 | 조회수 : 617
▶Choreographer : Kim Hwarye ▶Choreographer - Executive Director, Ballet Nova - Standing Director, Korea Ballet Association - Advisor, The Society of Korean Ballet - Vice-Chairman, Dance Culture Forum - Laureate, Order of Culture Merit in 2013, Korea ▶Company Ballet nova always trie…
[3] Kim Yong Chul SEOP-Dance Company <붉디, 붉은.....,> 인기글첨부파일
작성자 : 최고관리자 | 작성일 : 2014-04-30 | 조회수 : 710
▶Choreographer : Kim Yongchul ▶Choreographer -B.A from KeiMyung Univ and M.A/Ph.D from Sejong University. -Artistic directed for KUMI City Dance Company, Worked for Seoul Metropolitan Dance Company. -Present/ Instructor at Korea National Univ of Arts. ▶Company Established in 1992, KIM …
[2] Baik Young Tae Ballet Ryubov <CAHOS of Shadow> 인기글첨부파일
작성자 : 최고관리자 | 작성일 : 2014-04-30 | 조회수 : 1437
▶Choreographer: Baek Youngtae ▶Choreographer -Chairman, Korea Professional Ballet Association (Present) -Artistic Director, Baek Young Tae Ballet Ballet Lyubov -Vice-Chairman, Korea Ballet Association -Professor, Department of Dance, Kangwon National University ▶Company: Baek Young T…
[1] KANG Mi-ree Hal Dance Society <The Book written in white&… 인기글첨부파일
작성자 : 최고관리자 | 작성일 : 2014-04-30 | 조회수 : 509
▶Choreographer Setsuko Yamada ▶Choreographer She learned dance from Kasai Akira at House of Angel of Butoh Institute, Japan. Her creative works are acknowledged for fine sense and centrifugal method which make her as the vanguard of contemporary dance. In 1986, Kim Mae Ja invited her and she had a sole dance perfor…
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