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Busan International Dance Festival theme contest

Organizing Committee of the 10th anniversary next year,
ready to embark

"Subject , Poster by hand by making all citizens by the de facto citizens , for citizens , civil naedinneun International Dance Festival will go to the first step ." Next year, the Busan International Dance Festival which ten stones closer to the top job for the citizens embarked early on .

( Four ) Busan International Dance Festival Organizing Committee ( Operations Chair Professor Kim, Jung - Soon sinradae ) to be held next summer on the 15th 10th solvent will determine the direction of the whole 'theme ' Competition and to hold from this day next month should be received by 23 days said. 9 hoejjae been started in 2005 until this year and joined the Chi , but citizens solvent through the competition to determine the topic is the first time .

Busan International Dance Festival widely to inform the world of the image, while the implied identity and vision if relief is in the form of short phrases . World- particularly unusual beach dance festival that take place in the open stage as well Busan International Dance Festival to represent the characteristics of the subject must be a unique and differentiated can get a high score . Early last month has been the theme of the 9th solvent ' dance, open sea ' was eighth in 2012 subjects ' dance, cherish the sea ' was

Here's how to contest an email to 23 months (busanbid@naver.com) Upon receipt by the title and bangs ' theme Contest should say that . 300,000 won first prize and the prize for one person 10 times next year, VIP concert tickets solvent 2 , solvent next to two people performing Prize VIP Tickets will be offering four pieces . Winner announced in the coming September 6th Busan International Dance Festival website (www.bidf.kr) will be posted on .

Also offering organizers the subject is finished in September , based on a certain subject and civic official poster competition will also be performed . Topics such as civil and posters that make it into the hands of the Busan International Dance Festival meantime, some citizens to communicate and lack of empathy in Busan dance scene that was derived from the self- reflection .

Organising Committee secretary general yihyeongheun " Last month, 26 days held in Hanwha Resort Haeundae pyeonggahoe Committee itself once in the '10 tournament I will be ready to ' come to the end of the debate is one of many ideas , fruitful are moved to run away to prepare for , "he said. Contact ( 051 ) 868-7882
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